# Usage

nova find --wide

# Options

  • --config - Pass a config file that can control the remaining settings. Command-line arguments still take precedence
  • --helm-version - DEPRECATED: Only helm 3 usage in the future. which version of Helm to use. Options are 2, 3, and auto (default is 3)
  • --context - Sets a specific context in the kubeconfig. If blank, uses the currently set context.
  • -d, --desired-versions - A map of chart=override_version to override the helm repository when checking.
  • --wide - show Chart Name, Namespace and HelmVersion
  • --output-file - output JSON to a file
  • --url strings, -u - URL for a helm chart repo (default [https://charts.fairwinds.com/stable,https://charts.fairwinds.com/incubator,https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com,https://kubernetes-charts-incubator.storage.googleapis.com,https://charts.jetstack.io])
  • --poll-helm-hub - When true, polls all helm repos that publish to helm hub (Default is true).
  • --helm-hub-config - The URL to the helm hub sync config. (default is "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/helm/hub/master/config/repo-values.yaml")

# Generate Config

If you would like to generate a config file with all of the defaults for Nova, you can do that:

$ nova generate-config --config=nova.yaml
cat nova.yaml

context: ""
desired-versions: {}
helm-hub-config: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/helm/hub/master/config/repo-values.yaml
helm-version: "3"
output-file: ""
poll-helm-hub: true
- https://charts.fairwinds.com/stable
- https://charts.fairwinds.com/incubator
- https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com
- https://kubernetes-charts-incubator.storage.googleapis.com
- https://charts.jetstack.io
wide: false

# Output

Below is sample output for Nova


Release Name      Installed    Latest     Old     Deprecated
cert-manager      v0.11.0      v0.15.2    true    false
insights-agent    0.21.0       0.21.1     true    false
grafana           2.1.3        3.1.1      true    false
metrics-server    2.8.8        2.11.1     true    false
nginx-ingress     1.25.0       1.40.3     true    false

# CLI (with --wide)

Release Name      Chart Name        Namespace         HelmVersion    Installed    Latest    Old      Deprecated
metrics-server    metrics-server    metrics-server    v3             5.3.3        5.3.3     false    false
vpa               vpa               vpa               v3             0.2.2        0.2.2     false    false


    "helm": [
            "release": "cert-manager",
            "chartName": "cert-manager",
            "namespace": "cert-manager",
            "description": "A Helm chart for cert-manager",
            "home": "https://github.com/jetstack/cert-manager",
            "icon": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jetstack/cert-manager/master/logo/logo.png",
            "Installed": {
                "version": "v0.11.0",
                "appVersion": "v0.11.0"
            "Latest": {
                "version": "v0.16.0",
                "appVersion": "v0.16.0"
            "helmVersion": "v3",
            "outdated": true,
            "deprecated": false